#BlackTeachersMatter. The suit against CPS and the larger national context.

Like I’ve been saying, this latest round of education reform is an absolute train wreck. Everywhere I look, anytime I look, I see something disturbing. Yet, I cannot stop looking. You have to look, you have to speak or it will only get worse.

Fred Klonsky

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Yesterday I posted on U.S. Judge Milton Shadur’s ruling that African American teachers who were laid off by the Chicago Public Schools constituted a class.

In other words, Shadur ruled that there was a basis for the claim that African American teachers were targeted because they were African American.

The law suit will now proceed to trial and possible damages.

Today’s NY Times reports that public sector jobs have vanished.

And who have been the victims?

Because blacks hold a disproportionate share of the jobs, relative to their share of the population, the cutbacks naturally hit them harder.

But black workers overall, women in particular, also lost their jobs at a higher rate than whites, Ms. Laird found. There was a “double disadvantage for black public sector workers,” she said. “They are concentrated in a shrinking sector of the economy, and they are substantially more likely than other public…

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The Big Lie: No money for children, the elderly, the disabled, our infrastructure.

Great background pictures, even better article. I suppose that one positive side of just taking up space at my school and not really getting to teach anymore is that I have time to read good, eye-opening articles like this.

Reclaim Reform

Nine corporations get to keep the state income taxes paid by all of their employees. No money for children, the elderly, the disabled, our infrastructure?

Yes. Nine of the largest corporations in Illinois get to keep the state income taxes they collect from their employees. Elected officials approved this.

Illinois claims that it is too broke to pay for:

  • mental health clinics
  • Medicaid extensions for the poor and disabled
  • public schools and career teachers
  • special education services
  • infrastructure repairs
  • contracted earned compensation to retired employees (pensions)
  • and more – many more – necessary services.

The state is also cutting the state income tax from 5% to 3.75%. Yes, cut state revenue because the state lacks sufficient revenue as the state declares that the state is broke.

While this self destructive activity is going on, the largest Illinois corporations will continue to keep the state income taxes that their employees…

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WYBI: Upskilling America, Part 1


While I was doing some anti CCSS snooping on another subject, I stumbled across the “Workforce Development Institute” (part of the American Association of Community Colleges). Chock full of Common Core aligned Career Tech Education, Career Pathways, Early College, and more. Today’s topic is so deep, I’ll be breaking it to a “Part 1” and “Part 2”.


From 2015’s Conference:

Held in CA, the 2015 video address below is one you’ll want to view in its entirety. As I normally do when sharing a video, I’ll provide the most noteworthy items. I encourage you to conduct your own research, as your interest into CC Adult Ed might be different from mine. The entire video is just over 1 hour and 20 minutes. It’s the opening plenary session featuring the President of Snap-On Tools. However, there are others who speak before Mr. Snap-On.
To access the video, use this link…

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The Seattle Education Association has voted to go on strike


Seattle Education


With an 85% yes vote today, Seattle educators have voted to join the wave of one day strikes in Washington State over the legislature’s failure to fund education. The strike will be on Tuesday, May 19.

Snohomish, Lake Stevens and Franklin Pierce teachers in Washington State will strike on May 8, according to the Washington Education Association. On Wednesday, nearly 3,000 teachers in the Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts are also walking out.

See the related post This just in: The Seattle Education Association membership representatives voted to support a one day walkout.

Submitted by Dora Taylor

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My Radio Appearance On Inside Education with Sid Glassner

I’m so glad that true freedom of the press still exists and that I had the opportunity to use it. Thank you Girard at Large and Sid Glassner for the opportunity and for what you do! – I wonder what work will be like for me on Monday??