UNESCO and the Education Technology Industry: A Recipe for Making Public Education a Profiteering Enterprise. PART III




AUTHORS NOTE: Following the completion of this research (22 pages worth) I came across a document from UNESCO in 2002 that sums it up. Given this recent find, the ensuing research is not necessary to “prove” what I suspected: that UNESCO is steering the global ship of privatization. But enjoy the timeline of events and findings nevertheless—each slice of evidence simply further illustrates what is written in this 2002 document called Education Privatization: Causes, Consequences and Planning Implications. Well, the title says it all. This document promotes a slew of market-based reforms that might have well come from ALEC including: voucher programs, promotes charter schools, accountability, and data mining. The article states, “In general, the World Bank (and other supranational agencies) has encouraged reforms which lead toward privatization of public education” (p.32). At the conclusion of this trope, the authors…

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Dr. Gary Thompson’s Open Letter to Dr. Darling-Hammond on her Common Core Tests



Utah’s Dr. Gary Thompson wrote an open letter to Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond tonight.

Dear Dr. Hammond:

How does placing students in front of an experimental test that has yet to undergo extensive validity measures equate to accountability in the traditional manner in which you speak?

Let me answer that question for you in three simple words:

It.  Does.  Not.


Dr. Gary Thompson

I want to give context so that you can fully appreciate the letter’s significance.

Darling-Hammond, of Stanford University, is on the list of “Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform” for good reasons.  She works for private organizations that crush  Constitutional control of education; she promotes and writes books about socialist redistribution of wealth, and she plays key roles in the Obama administration’s fed ed goals.  She’s been an advisor and/or board member for:

1.  The Obama Administration’s Equity and Excellence Commission

2.  The CCSSO – Common Core co-creator

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Teachers: Who’s on your side? Where can you go for people dedicated to truth-telling for democracy?

“EduBloggers: Dedicated to truth-telling for democracy.”

Reclaim Reform

There are times when a teacher needs to have the facts, simple or complex. For complex information, very often there are multiple facets that need to be examined from different points of view. Who can you turn to when faced with the overwhelming problems that surround you? Who has no personal power base or money to gain from the information? What group of people will offer you unbiased facts and their experienced perspectives for you to consider?


The EduBloggersNetwork, a group of over 200 individual bloggers with solid education backgrounds and unique perspectives from schools across the country, are respected for their varied experiences and focus. They do not march in lock-step nor are they paid by billionaires and their tax-free mega-wealthy foundations which are heavily invested (for profit) in corporate education reform.

During one of the online conversations that questioned each blogger’s reasoning for blogging in support of…

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I stand with Gus Morales and all of the political/corporate victims of the mass firings of excellent teachers at Holyoke Public Schools in Massachusetts.

Sad for the teachers and their students.

Reclaim Reform

I, Ken Previti, stand with Gus Morales and all of the political/corporate victims of the mass firings of excellent teachers at Holyoke Public Schools in Massachusetts.

IMG_20150117_181423898 n
I am a retired teacher from both Chicago and Lyons Township High School in the suburbs; I presently live full-time in Florida. I have extended family members teaching in schools in other states. The scapegoating, demonization and retribution being carried out against good teachers across America is a part of the dismantling of public education for private profit. So are the attacks against teacher pensions.
Immense profits from public education taxes are being shipped overseas, tax free, by testing companies such as Pearson and charter schools such as those owned by, according to Bloomberg News, “the charismatic Sunni imam Fethullah Gülen, leader of a politically powerful Turkish religious movement.” (In the face of horrific, religious prejudicial attacks against Muslims, a billionaire cleric using…

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Congress, Please Investigate Gates’ Takeover of US Education; Congress, Stop NCLB rewrite – Every Child Achieves Act 2.0


emmett            ravitch

Two of my favorite ed reform analysts, Diane Ravitch and Emmett McGroarty come from opposite sides of the political aisle, yet each has called on America to sit up, take notice, and take action against the Common Core movement.

Is Congress too busy, or too conflicted, to pay attention?

Diane Ravitch has long been calling for a Congressional investigation into “Bill Gates’ swift and silent takeover of American education.”  She rightly called Gates’ unelected, leviathan influence an unauthorized coup worthy of Congressional investigation  and wrote, “the idea that the richest man in America can purchase and — working closely with the U.S. Department of Education — impose new and untested academic standards on the nation’s public schools is a national scandal.”  

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ravitch’s congressional investigation needs to happen fast, though, because– once again, we and our children are under the gun.

Emmett McGroarty…

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Arizona: Teacher Exodus Grows, Due to Low Salaries and Mandates

When you punish good teachers for trying to do the right thing and they leave the teaching profession you punish the children too.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Teachers are leaving Arizona in record numbers due to low salaries and persistent legislative intrusion in their classrooms.

In the Phoenix area alone, there are more than 1,000 open teaching positions.

“”We think this is the largest documented teacher shortage that Arizona has faced in decades,” said Andrew Morrill, who is the president of the Arizona Education Association and a former high school English teacher.

“Morrill points to three factors that are affecting the shortage. He says the state’s teacher salaries are among the lowest in the country, the state requires so many exams and guidelines that seasoned teachers feel limited in their ability to be creative, and according to a recent Census report, the state is dead last in dollars spent in the classroom.

“Teachers are leaving the profession. They’re leaving in debt and they’re leaving in tears,” said Morrill.

This is a predictable result of the test-and-punish policies…

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Randi, Lily, and Their Common Core Fidelity


I was in Chicago this past weekend for the second annual conference of the Network for Public Education (NPE).

(A number of videos of conference sessions will be available here. In the first video, the session to which I refer in this post is around 2:10:00.)

One of the sessions I attended was the Sunday morning keynote (April 26, 2015) in which education historian and NPE founding president Diane Ravitch interviewed both National Education Association (NEA) president Lily Eskelsen Garcia and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) president Randi Weingarten.

Both Garcia and Weingarten support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which seems to be (now) chiefly embraced by Democrats (see here, and here, and here)… and by Republican Jeb Bush.

During the Sunday NPE interview, Ravitch asked both Garcia and Weingarten to state their positions on CCSS.

Weingarten went first. She stated that she did…

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