Stop! Don’t opt out. Read this first.

Wrench in the Gears


Schools in every state are buzzing this year with talk of “personalized” learning and 21st century assessments for kids as young as kindergarten. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and its innovative pilot programs are already changing the ways schools instruct and assess, in ways that are clearly harmful to our kids. Ed-tech companies, chambers of commerce, ALEC, neoliberal foundations, telecommunications companies, and the government are working diligently to turn our public schools into lean, efficient laboratories of data-driven, digital learning.

In the near future, learning eco-systems of cyber education mixed with a smattering of community-based learning opportunities (ELOs) will “optimize” a child’s personal learning pathway to college and career readiness.

Opt out families are being set up as pawns in this fake “assessment reform” movement. I began to realize this a year ago when our dysfunctional, Broad Superintendent-led school district was suddenly almost eager to help us inform parents…

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Unschooling; When the Unthinkable Becomes Thinkable

I admit, I used to think that people who chose this option were a little whackadoodle. Perhaps I was a bit judgy? Is it not less crazy than schools ignoring individuality; not following IEPs, incessantly testing children with unproven, but highly profitable online programs, labeling children, or, my new personal favorite, parents paying for this in a private school? For those of you who would argue, like I did, that it could lead to social isolation, that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

There are all sorts of homeschooling groups that offer opportunities for social interaction.   Religious (not just Christian, Jewish too), not religious, don’t even think about talking about religion, relaxed, structured, and the list goes on.

“i-Ready?…………More Like i-SCAM and Other Deceptions.”


By Deb Herbage – 9/11/16

i-Ready Diagnostic exploded onto the scene like the many, many other “competency based education” (CBE) curriculums since the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  It is now believed by many that the implementation of the CCSS and the focus on the standardized tests that went along with the CCSS was yet another extremely, well-crafted and timed implementation to distract parents, teachers, students and some school officials while district and state officials put in place the many ed-tech companies, corporations, investors, foundations, and non-profit companies curriculums, textbooks, programs, etc. who all quickly and methodically jumped on the CCSS bandwagon and strategically moved their various curriculums, textbooks, programs, and services FULLY aligned to the CCSS into place.   While we were distracted with the CCSS and end of year standardized testing – in school districts all across the state of Florida and across the country, i-Ready…

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