Better Late Than Never

For the longest time, nobody wanted to talk about this. With privatizers on both sides of the aisle, the writing has been prominently displayed on the wall in bold and fluorescent colors yet, crickets.

It’s easier to pretend that one side is better than the other than to believe that the left and the right are two wings of the same bird and neither one gives a darn about public education.

But perhaps, the conversation is now open for discussion? Are people finally opening their eyes? Dare I hope or hold my breath?

“Today, Donald Trump seeks a rapid expansion of charter schools and private school vouchers, while his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, touts “school choice” and market competition for public school at every stop. But in private, Hillary Clinton’s donors, dubbed “experts,” also sought rapid charter expansion and market-based options to replace public schools.”

“In previous speeches, Clinton campaign manager John Podesta indicated that recruiting and grooming younger, more compliant teachers was the plan to overcome resistance to corporate education reform over the long term. But in the policy book, Bruce Reed also sets his sights on teaching colleges, claiming “they don’t deliver the goods.”