Will Public Education Survive the Next Administration?

“While the pubic remains largely in the dark, a massive upheaval of our public school system is well underway, and recent proposals from both major political parties indicate that the transformation will move full speed ahead regardless of who is elected president this fall.”

Save Maine Schools

Donald Trump has called Common Core a “disaster.” The leaked DNC emails refer to the standards as a “political third rail.”

At this point, however, the controversial standards may be more of a red herring than anything else.

While the pubic remains largely in the dark, a massive upheaval of our public school system is well underway, and recent proposals from both major political parties indicate that the transformation will move full speed ahead regardless of who is elected president this fall.

The new system is designed to expand the education market by allowing out-of-district providers (online programs, non-profits, local businesses, and even corporations) to award credit for student learning. At the same time, it doubles down on workforce development by aligning educational outcomes to the needs of industry leaders.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, students will “no longer [be] tethered to school buildings or schedules.”…

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An Expected Blow, but Painful Nevertheless

Citing that the ballot question was improperly certified by Attorney General Maura Healey,  the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court today ruled against allowing the ballot question over whether or not to end Common Core in Massachusetts to proceed.

Over one hundred and thirty thousand signatures were obtained. Volunteers spent hours of their time standing at supermarkets, attending town meetings; doing anything and everything in their power to get this initiative onto the ballot. As a reward for their efforts, they were silenced and spanked over a technicality.

One hundred and thirty thousand people wanting to get this initiative on the ballot is not a small number and is, in fact, well over the number of required signatures to move the initiative forward. Had the initiative landed on the ballot, it would have been successful. The previous Massachusetts standards were far superior to Common Core standards. There is no question about this, it is a widely accepted fact. That Common Core continues is a case of monied elitists using their power to silence the masses.

Given the amount of money to be made when the curriculum and testing, whether it be notorious high-stakes tests such as SBAC and PARCC or its more insidious, sneaky end-game plan Competency Based assessments, line up , it is no surprise that this happened. Never under estimate the amount of power and money behind this initiative. It’s not about what’s best for kids, it never has been. It has been about keeping the masses, of any shape, color or religion in line. Our country is in very serious trouble.

“You can fly with the eagles or soar with the turkeys.”

This is so true. We are raising a society of complacent worker bees who don’t know that it is OK to question, let alone actively seek to question things. As a parent and a teacher I find it very disappointing.

Get A Life

  • I recently read an article in Psychology Today that discussed the “dumbing down of America,” something I have witnessed for quite some time. Believe me when I tell you I am not an intellectual snob, although I do love to be around individuals that are interested in developing their minds. I am a very curious person and was brought up by a mother who encouraged me to broaden my horizons. She always advocated for finding people whom could bring me to a higher standard of consciousness rather than those who might bring me down. It reminds me of a quote I once heard by a motivational speaker “You can fly with the eagles or soar with the turkeys.”
    Bill Keller, writing in the New York Times states, “Realty TV and pop culture presented in magazines and online sites claim to provide useful information about the importance of the Housewives of…

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The SBAC & PARCC Tests Are Fake! “Validated” with Fake Research!

The tests are invalid, the results are invalid, the motives behind them; nothing short of sinister, and the pain and suffering caused by all of this is inexcusable. The fact that it has gone on this long and Bill Gates has the arrogance and audacity to think that teachers, students and parents are going to continue to put up with this is because the pushback from teachers and parents has not been strong enough.


The SBAC & PARCC Tests Are Fake! “Validated” with Fake Research!

by Deb Herbage

What happens when you have a group of people, corporations, foundations, government entities, politicians and billionaires force 48 states to adopt and implement their standards that were thrown together and written by non-educators in secrecy, with no transparency, that are developmentally inappropriate for all grade levels?   What happens when you have that same group of people, corporations, foundations, government entities, politicians and billionaire then make tests based on those developmentally inappropriate standards that they claim are “high-quality”, “internationally-benchmarked”, “rigorous” and that are supposed indicators of “college and career readiness”? You have the Common Core State Standards and the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) and PARCC (Partnership Assessment for the Readiness for College & Career) tests that have been bought and paid for by 48 states for multi-million dollar contracts.

The SBAC and PARCC tests are FAKE…

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Goldman Sachs explains: social impact bonds are socially bankrupt

If you are going to have taxpayer funded schools, then you need schools that are locally controlled by the communities they serve. You need locally elected school boards who are held to the standard of nothing less than 100% transparency for all related actions. I wish the reformers would try selling the Brooklyn Bridge, then more people might actually notice they are being scammed .


Have you ever heard of a social impact bond? It’s a kooky financial instrument – a bond that “pays off” when some socially desirable outcome is reached.

The idea is that people with money put that money to some “positive” purpose, and if it works out they get their money back with a bonus for a job well done. It’s meant to incentivize socially positive change in the market. Instead of only caring about profit, the reasoning goes, social impact bonds will give rich people and companies a reason to care about healthy communities.

So, for example, New York City issued a social impact bond in 2012 around recidivism for jails. Recidivism, which is the tendency for people to return to prison, has to go down for the bond to pay off. So Goldman Sachs made a bet that they could lower the recidivism rate for certain jails in…

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New Hampshire’s Senate Bill 503 Would Allow “Pay For Success” Social Impact Bonds In Pre-Schools

This is deeply troublesome. When did denying children a FAPE become both legal and profitable?

Exceptional Delaware 2017

New Hampshire has a current bill which would allow investors to finance pre-schools in an effort to prevent special education remediation.  This “pay for success” program is actually Social Impact Bonds.  This latest craze by investors in education is extremely dangerous and should not even be a consideration anywhere in a child’s education.  It is a system that has the potential to be widely abused in order for outside corporations to make money off student outcomes.

New Hampshire’s Senate Bill 503 has already gone through their Senate and will be heard in their House Education Committee on Tuesday, April 5th at 10am in the New Hampshire General Court.

I have to wonder what state legislators across the country are even thinking anymore.  They are selling out public education to corporations and investors.  New Hampshire couldn’t even give this an accurate fiscal note because it is, when you break it down…

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Governor Markell Praises Pathways To Prosperity But True Issue Is Impact On Labor Market

This is the reality of Workforce Development and the shift from inquiry based learning and classical education. The tests and the rest of the garbage aren’t just for money making (although they are very, very good at this.) They also help to foster in a planned economy. I propose that this is why you now see so many deserving students denied opportunities, like advanced math, or pushed in one direction instead of another. Who’s doing the planning? It  certainly isn’t the parents, students and teachers; the real stakeholders.

Exceptional Delaware 2017

In his weekly address, Delaware Governor Jack Markell talked about the Pathways to Prosperity initiative which seems to be his main focus these days.  Remember the “Dear Hillary” letter?  It is no coincidence the Pathways to Prosperity push in Delaware is happening the same time Hillary Clinton is about to secure the Democratic nomination for the next President of the USA.  In the latest “Will he or won’t he?”, Politico talked about the prospect of Jack Markell being Hillary’s nomination for the US Secretary of Education.

But neither Clinton, nor anyone close to her, has approached him about the job, he said. Markell said he’s focused on the final months of his tenure. He’s not sure what he wants to do next, but if it’s education-related, Markell said he’d like an opportunity to work closer to students so he could have more of a direct impact. The position of…

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