An Expected Blow, but Painful Nevertheless

Citing that the ballot question was improperly certified by Attorney General Maura Healey,  the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court today ruled against allowing the ballot question over whether or not to end Common Core in Massachusetts to proceed.

Over one hundred and thirty thousand signatures were obtained. Volunteers spent hours of their time standing at supermarkets, attending town meetings; doing anything and everything in their power to get this initiative onto the ballot. As a reward for their efforts, they were silenced and spanked over a technicality.

One hundred and thirty thousand people wanting to get this initiative on the ballot is not a small number and is, in fact, well over the number of required signatures to move the initiative forward. Had the initiative landed on the ballot, it would have been successful. The previous Massachusetts standards were far superior to Common Core standards. There is no question about this, it is a widely accepted fact. That Common Core continues is a case of monied elitists using their power to silence the masses.

Given the amount of money to be made when the curriculum and testing, whether it be notorious high-stakes tests such as SBAC and PARCC or its more insidious, sneaky end-game plan Competency Based assessments, line up , it is no surprise that this happened. Never under estimate the amount of power and money behind this initiative. It’s not about what’s best for kids, it never has been. It has been about keeping the masses, of any shape, color or religion in line. Our country is in very serious trouble.